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Washington Post visits Kingston!

This is so exciting! We were thrilled to be briefly included in this Washington Post production all about an author drawing inspiration from her exploration of Kingston. We are so lucky to live in a city where a diverse cast of her characters can be influenced by Kingston's history and culture.
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We adore our city and are proud to call it home. It's impossible to list all the amazing history, architecture, restaurants and people that call Kingston home but this should give you a glimpse into the energy and vibe that make Kingston Ontario a unique destination for visitors and a Canadian jewel. Book your tickets…
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So if you're a kingstonian and you don't follow keepupwithkingston on all your social media platforms, you're missing out. We have followed and admired her social media presence for a while now. You hear the term "influencer" used a lot in social media and if you don't really get it, follow keepupwithkingston and you'll get…
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The Great Waterway’s Mike Hector Incredible Afternoon

Our friend Mike Hector writes for who are incredible supporters of local sustainable tourism and were great supporters of Kingston Food Tours when we launched almost 2 years ago! We had the priviledge of showing Mike around one afternoon on our Classic Kingston food tour and he wrote a fantastic blog about. Whether you're…
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CKWS The Morning Show talking Beer & Bites

We are so thrilled to announce the launch of our new Beer & Bites tour for 2017. We feel so honoured to be the ones that get to introduce both locals and visitors to the world class craft brews being produced in our community and the cool people responsible for them. The support of our…
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