So if you're a kingstonian and you don't follow keepupwithkingston on all your social media platforms, you're missing out. We have followed and admired her social media presence for a while now. You hear the term "influencer" used a lot in social media and if you don't really get it, follow keepupwithkingston and you'll get it. Beautiful images paired with sharp writing on the latest and greatest things Kingston has to offer. So when keepupwithkingston decided to check out our original Classic Kingston tour we were THRILLED! Her full blog post can be checked out at

Check out a little excerpt below and make sure to follow @keepupwithkingston

"When I initially moved to Kingston and started this blog my Toronto friends were introduced to our wonderful culinary scene through my Instagram feed. They would send me messages, “I had no idea Kingston had such incredible food?” We sure do. We have so many amazing restaurants, in fact, that I didn’t know which one to pick when they came to visit last month. I thought, “Oysters and cocktails at Le Chien Noir? Tapas at Tango? Pizza at Atomica? Burger night at Bella?” As many of you know. The list goes on and on. Enter, Kingston Food Tours."